Garenpakket: Trinity Mandala's - It's all in a nutshell
Garenpakket: Trinity Mandala's - It's all in a nutshell

Garenpakket: Trinity Mandala's

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Het pakket bevat het volgende:


De Scheepjes Catona in het pakket zijn:

  • 1 x 130 Old Lace
  • 1 x 403 Lemonade
  • 1 x 208 Yellow Gold
  • 1 x 205 Kiwi Green
  • 1 x 246 Icy Pink
  • 1 x 398 Colonial Rose
  • 1 x 413 Cherry Pink
  • 1 x 397 Cyan Blue
  • 1 x 400 Petrol Blue
  • 1 x 110 Jet Black

Je hebt ook een 3mm haaknaald (niet inbegrepen) nodig.


TIP: Er is genoeg garen in het pakket om een extra mandala te maken. Voeg gerust één of twee extra ringen toe, Je vindt alle ringen HIER


De kosten van dit pakket zijn inclusief de toeslag op verzendkosten agv het afwijkend formaat van het pakket.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great lessons on the Trinity Mandala

Esther is so good at her pattern writing and videos that I can make anything with her. She has the perfect control of all you see and hear. I love doing patterns with her on the videos!!!

Wil Ruitenberg
Trinity Mandala

Ik heb deze kandelaars gehaakt met verschillende tinten blauw. Het was erg leuk om te doen. Het patroon was zeer duidelijk en het is voor herhaling vatbaar, misschien nog eens in een andere kleurstelling

Great kit and Amazing surprize

I have recently bought the Traveller yarn kit and I have received everything very fast! But more than this I was impressed by the elegant Thank You Card and the 2 presents included in my order: a small nice marker in form of scissors and a whole yarm of Scheepjes stonewashed red!
I have decided to use this colour in my project even if it was not on the color map, just to be thankfull for this gift!

So happy

Great kit! Quality of the hoops is excellent. I loved the extras. Esther's pattern was beautifully printed on good quality paper.

Anya Roche
Crocheting Happiness

ordered and received this beautiful pattern which was enough reward in it's own but Esther went above and beyond with the free gifts of angel scissors, angel stitch counter and a 10g Scheepjes stone wash ball (better still in a colour I like). Lovely touch that was a complete surprise but made my day even better. Thank you.